The villa is a property typology with a distinct nature, exemplified by unique design, unpretentious luxury, sense of freedom and inspirational locations. A place where you can feel like home with ease, offering a great lifestyle. We carefully select and promote properties that are consistent with the core beliefs of our practice.


More than 1,400 islands. 13,500 km of coastline. Thousands of secluded bays and sea spots to be discovered. Yachting, be it an adrenaline-filled speed boat, a luxurious motor yacht or an adventurous sailing yacht, is the ideal choice for visitors valuing the sense of freedom as much as, comfort and relaxation.


Culture, traditions and heritage, intangible wealth that has been created over hundreds of centuries. An unrivalled cultural diversity awaiting those that do not just want to see but, to understand and feel. Villas and Yachting are the ideal facilitators to immerse you in true Greece and transform every visit into a life-experience.

Luxury Villa Rentals in Greece

A fine selection of exceptional villas set in inspirational locations

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The Mosaic Villas design team and selected associate architects and engineers, local to our main operating areas, offer inspirational designs and innovative engineering solutions that can be customised to the owner’s specific needs. Furthermore, bespoke design studies can be undertaken in order to create something truly unique. Our design and engineering philosophy is the creation of desirable living spaces.


Bringing to life an innovative design project requires construction and project management excellence. The Mosaic Villas team and our local construction partners, have a breadth of expertise and skills through the successful completion of a number of demanding custom villa projects, ensuring quality, cost-effective and on-time delivery.


Buying in Greece goes beyond owning a property. It is about owning a piece of the country’s soul. Make Greece your home and secure maintenance excellence undertaken by the Mosaic Villas experienced team. Enjoy unique Mediterranean lifestyle and explore Europe without restrictions since the legal framework for the Greek ‘Golden Visa” program is now more flexible for all non-EU citizens. Read More