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A fine selection of exceptional villas set in inspirational locations.

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Our Villas

Blue Mosaic welcomes you to a fine selection of exceptional Greek villas, offering the highest standards of luxury accommodation, privacy, great lifestyle, proximity to the sea and unobstructed views. Our Architecture & Design background has led us to seek and promote for rental villas that we admire ourselves for their uniqueness, design features, careful blend of local traditional and contemporary elements and respect for the surrounding environment.

Blue Mosaic villas have been carefully selected and are regularly reviewed by us, to ensure they are always in prime condition to welcome and accommodate our guests.

The Destinations

It is a real dilemma when choosing a destination in Greece. So, our villas are scattered throughout Greece, always in inspirational locations, offering a diverse variety of choices and environments to fulfil every individual preferences. Whether it is a cosmopolitan lifestyle, vibrant entertainment, family fun, history and culture, a private hide-away, a gastronomic adventure or luxury in simplicity that you seek, we will identify the perfect destination for you.

Blue Mosaic mainly operates in the Cyclades islands, the Ionian islands, the Peloponnese and the Saronic Gulf.

Your Experience

We are not a Travel Agent nor simply a Villa Agent. We aspire to be an innovative Experience Provider. Blue Mosaic villas are just the beginning of a truly memorable experience in Greece and our focal point for providing a range of personalised services tailored to our guests’ preferences, needs and wishes. Among other, multi-lingual villa staff, private chefs, concierge, yachting options, car hire, entertainment & events, gastronomy and guided tours.

Our business is built on trust and personal recommendation, hence our constant aims are service excellence, unconditional satisfaction, attention to detail and respect of clients’ privacy.

Proud Hosts of true Greek Experiences

3 Core Elements – Villa | Yachting | Culture


The villa is a property typology with a distinct nature, exemplified by unique design, unpretentious luxury, sense of freedom and inspirational locations. A place where you can feel like home with ease, offering a great lifestyle. We carefully select and promote properties that are consistent with the core beliefs of our practice.


More than 1,400 islands. 13,500 km of coastline. Thousands of secluded bays and sea spots to be discovered. Yachting, be it an adrenaline-filled speed boat, a luxurious motor yacht or an adventurous sailing yacht, is the ideal choice for visitors valuing the sense of freedom as much as, comfort and relaxation.


Culture, traditions and heritage, intangible wealth that has been created over hundreds of centuries. An unrivalled cultural diversity awaiting those that do not just want to see but, to understand and feel. Villas and Yachting are the ideal facilitators to immerse you in true Greece and transform every visit into a life-experience.

If you have experienced the unique sensation of a Greek villa as a guest and thinking about owning one for personal use or as an investment, then visit our brand Mosaic Villas, offering custom design & construction solutions and a fine selection of exceptional villas available for sale.