The Athens Riviera Triangle

Forget about the Bermuda Triangle – Come and Enjoy the Athens Riviera Triangle!

Temple of Aphaia Aegina Cape Sounio - Temple of Poseidon Athens_parthenon_night_510 Villa Mojito Villa Mojito  Villa Peach Daiquiri Villa Mojito Villa Peach Daiquiri Villa Peach Daiquiri Villa Peach Daiquiri

It has been known for a long-time that Mathematics played a significant role in the life of ancient Greeks. Many of their buildings, with the Parthenon as the perfect example, adhered to strict geometric rules.

Well, it goes beyond that! It seems that even the location of some of the most important buildings was based on geometric shapes, providing an invisible link between them. One of the most famous such placements is the perfect isosceles triangle formed between the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion and the Temple of Aphaia Athena at Aegina Island.

One of the great glories of ancient Greek art, the Temple of Aphaia is among the most extant examples of classical Doric architecture. Once adorned with an exquisite group of sculptures (now in the Munich Glyptothek), it still proudly bears 25 of its original 32 columns, which were either left standing or have been reconstructed. The structure is perched on a pine-clad promontory, offering superb views of Athens across the water.

It so happens that even in modern times, the area contained within this triangle, the Athens Riviera, to be one of the most exciting and vibrant for visitors in Greece.
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Kea or Tzia island, is located just off the Attica coast, 1 hr from Athens and just 40 mins from Athens International Airport, can be easily reached via a short ferry trip from Lavrio port. A popular weekend and summer destination for Athenians, it boasts an impressive network of hiking trails, from ancient paths to old donkey routes, through green valleys, narrow gorges, steep cliffs and hidden beaches. The majority of them are well preserved and sign-posted.

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