With an extended and detailed bike trail network in hand, offering a wide range of options, it is no secret anymore that, Nafplion and its proximities have become, over the past few years, a very popular Cycling Destination in Greece. 

It’s not just about the city’s captivating beauty, the numerous attractions and the easiness to ride around. We also speak about a plethora of appealing places, historical landmarks and a flattering hospitality in the surrounding area that can make cycling exploration in Nafplion the experience of your dreams. 

Choose between a vast variety of options: a scenic route through citrus orchards combined with a visit to Ancient Mycenae, a coastal route past the sea-side town of Astros to impressive Leonidio or just a bike route around the greenest slopes of Mt. Parnon and into the woods, past creeks and Byzantine Monasteries.

From a family, easy bike ride in the quaint alleys of Nafplion to more demanding routes in the stunning nature of Argolis, these are all delightful getaways that can meet all types of expectations.


Experience Cycling & Lifestyle.     Enjoy scenic guided cycling routes and indulge the comfort of luxury seafront Villa Starlett.

Historical landmarks, a plethora of places of appealing beauty combined with the flattering hospitality of the surrounding area, are able to make cycling exploration in Nafplio the experience of a lifetime.

What’s included: Accommodation, Round-trip Airport Transfer, Bike Rental, Guided Cycling Tours. Available: October to April


Blue Mosaic is able, upon request, to arrange bike rental service on your behalf. All types of bicycles -city, mountain or road- are available for rent and they come together with a complete bike gear, including an emergency kit and a helmet.

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