Cycling Route

The Route

Head south of villa Starlett and enjoy a winding scenic route of medium difficulty amid shimmering olive groves and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Go past Xiropigado and a little before arriving in Astros turn left with Direction to Agios Andreas. Now you are in the middle of the fertile plains still full of olive trees. Soon you will reach Agios Andreas having in front of you the low mountain range. Go past Agios Andreas and start mildly biking up. You are now biking uphill, in a slightly mountainous area and very soon you’re about to admire from above truly breathtaking views of the coastline, the Argolid bay, even Spetses and Hydra islands if you’re lucky enough. The route turns downhill now and you will soon pass the Arkadiko village and leave it on your left. Keep cycling along this beautiful imposing winding route, while the almost intact environment gives you the rare feeling of absolute freedom. The route keeps going like that past Kryoneri, and Elliniko. A little before you reach Ag. Christoforos the settings slightly change as now the route is milder, amid valleys and low mountains. The flora remains the same: olive trees, Mediterranean bushes, a few cypresses, maybe a few pistachio trees too. You are now about to go through the Tyros plains with the quaint village of Sapounaeika standing up on the hill on your left, almost checking on Tyros and the infinite blue of the bay below. Now go uphill for a few kilometers then down again until you reach Leonidio, this quaint Arcadian village that lies under the striking red rocks hanging from above. After entering Leonidio take the road left with direction to Plaka. Bike straight along the orange orchards till you reach the coast again. You now have ahead of you settings with unspeakable beauty as it feels again it’s just you and the nature existing there. Once you reach seaside Poulithra the street signs will lead you right and you will now start a pleasurable steep uphill, through Poulithra and to an altitude of 700m. Once you reach the very small yet very charming village of Pyrgaki, take the right road and head to Tsitalia. You now find yourselves on a relatively small plateau that inspires the sense of true tranquility and as you approach Tsitalia follow the ‘ring road’, which will eventually lead you to the end of the plateau and the entrance to a small yet dramatic gorge. Keep biking down this winding road on the slopes of a low mountain enjoying magnificent view of the plains below and the Leonidio rocks opposite you. At the t-shaped road at the end of the downhill go left and head to Leonidio. Now you can choose to either unwind in Leonidio and get a transfer back or ride the same way back to Xiropigado and Villa Starlett.