Spetses stands proudly just a few kilometres from mainland Peloponnese, but there is a stronger sense of carefree island Greece here than in other Saronic Gulf destinations. The lively, historic old town is the only village on the island; the rest, ringed by a simple road, is rolling hills, pine forests and crystal-clear coves. Relaxed Spetses Town has great nightlife, some of the Saronic’s best restaurants and gorgeous, easily accessible swimming spots. With a rich naval history, it is still incredibly popular with yachties, and with its vibrant culture, it attracts artists, intellectuals and lovers of a good island party.

Source: Lonely Planet

Did you know?

The biggest of the island’s celebrations, the Armata, is held every September and involves a fleet of the island’s boats, music and spectacular fireworks in honour of a naval victory during the Greek War of Independence. In the old port, you will find the chapel of the Virgin Mary of the Armata (Panagias tis Armatas), which, legend says, miraculously prevented an Ottoman invasion of the island in September 1822.

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